Community Memorial Hospital
Menomonee Falls, WI

Community Memorial HospitalOverview

Community Memorial Hospital, serving the Menomonee Falls community and southeastern Wisconsin requires ongoing diagnostic maintenance and repair services. Just Service Inc. partners with Community Memorial Hospital and its outlying clinics to maintain the facilities, diagnose and correct service issues, and perform large and small scale projects as they arise.

Project Challenges

Services Delivered


After meeting with the client, Just Service Inc. identified the maintenance and repair needs of the facility and created a plan for providing clean, ongoing and prompt service to the building’s plumbing and complex systems. Recognizing the importance of minimizing interruption of services at the hospital and maintaining patient privacy and safety, Just Service coordinated with the client to complete large and small scale repairs, installations, and constructions to improve the medical gas system, storm drains, water softening, and backflow preventers.

Through their partnership with Community Memorial Hospital, Just Service Inc. was able to build a remodeled Emergency Department, as well as a new addition to the hospital in the form of an Orthopedic Department. Across these projects, Just Service clearly communicated their progress with the client and ensured repairs and maintenance were completed promptly, safely, and discretely. Working within the customer’s medical facility, Just Service Inc. not only updated the efficiency and repaired existing hospital plumbing, but also built additions to the facility that directly impact patient experiences.

Client Testimonial

“The best aspect from the plumbing division is the quick reliable service I receive each and every time I call. It gives me a sense of security knowing that no matter what time of day, day of the week, or how bad the problem may be, Just Service responds and are thorough making sure the problem has been totally taken care of…I put my trust on Randy and his team to give quality, respect, and patient friendly attitudes and I [have] yet to complain about it. Thank you for making my job have a little less stress.”

Jose Acevado
Manager, Facility Services
Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin
Community Memorial Hospital

Sales Contact

Randy Boknevitz
(262) 886-2365 | E-mail Randy

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