InterPark Parking Facility
Philadelphia, PA


Just Service Inc. completed a facility upgrade to a large parking facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The facility consists of four, underground parking levels with approximately 337,000 square feet of parking space that services the parking needs of downtown Philadelphia. Just Service Inc. partnered with the client, who recently purchased the large parking facility, to address safety concerns about broken-down and inoperable garage ventilation equipment. Now, the garage has a new, digital controls system to handle repaired ventilation equipment with energy-efficient, frequency drives on all motors. 

Project Challenges 

Services Delivered 


After meeting with the client, Just Service identified the main needs of the company and designed a plan to update their facility as quickly and efficiently as possible. Without interrupting operations, Just Service cleaned and repaired existing ventilation equipment, including rebuilding a large exhaust fan that previously was thought to have needed replacement. Just Service also installed frequency drives on all ventilation motors to improve efficiency, while also adapting all new and existing equipment to meet updated ventilation codes. In addition, Just Service installed a new Honeywell digital control system and new BACnet carbon monoxide sensors. By updating the facility’s equipment, Just Service supported the client in creating a safe, energy-efficient parking garage.

Throughout the project, Just Service Inc. clearly communicated their progress with the client and finished the project ahead of schedule, with no complications, and under budget. With the help of Just Service, the client was able to obtain a $50,000 incentive from the local utility and decrease their energy operating costs by 50%. Verification processes used to quantify the results have proven, over the course of the past year, that the savings projected were accurate and repeatable.

Client Testimonial

“The overall project went very well. We were able to return the building to safe operation and achieve significant energy savings. Just Service Inc. designed and engineered the retrofit controls to be cost-effective and efficient.”

Alex Pappas 
Director of Business Development, InterPark

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John Just, Owner/President
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