Design Build

Design/Build Services

The Process

The professionals at Just Service initiate the process of designing and building a unique project by working with customers to understand their specific needs and develop project costs that fit plan budgets. Building on our relationships with customers, we will coordinate the design to meet the needs of your facility, while still conforming to all state requirements. Designs are customized to maximize energy savings, while continuing to meet customer needs.

Upon finalizing the budget numbers, our design/build team will evaluate your long-term needs and take our ideas to the design stage. Working backwards from the end goal, we begin with paper and pencil and fine tune the design using the latest engineering software and techniques. Upon completion of the plan, our professionals will handle all state approvals and communicate with the plan examiner.

Transitioning to the building stage, our team works hand-in-hand with each customers to adapt the project plans as needed during construction. Our professionals use their extensive training and expertise to adjust the design during construction to meet changing customer needs while building the most efficient project possible in a timely manner.


We are equipped to design and build HVAC and plumbing projects in commercial, industrial, and healthcare settings, both locally and nationwide. Our professionals use their extensive knowledge of state requirements and mechanical structures to help our customers bring their facility ideas to fruition.

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