Energy Management

Energy Management Services

Just Service has demonstrated experience providing expert analysis of your HVAC systems’ energy use. By comparing your energy consumption to industry standards, we are often able to tailor programs; including equipment upgrades, controls installation, and retrofits to help optimize your energy use.

We couple maintenance with control strategies, as well as equipment upgrades, to achieve these goals. Please contact us to learn more about this customized process.

Focus on Energy Partnership

We are pleased to work with Focus on Energy to install-cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The initiative helps Wisconsin businesses manage rising energy costs by offering cash-back rewards and financial incentives to encourage the use of energy efficient practices and products, and renewable energy projects.

Just Service works with Focus on Energy in areas such as:

  • Commercial Businesses (including healthcare, hospitality, food service, grocery)
  • Industrial Businesses (pulp/paper, plastics, metals, wastewater, food processing)
  • Schools & Government Facilities
  • Apartments & Condos
  • New Business Construction

We also assist clients in Focus on Energy initiatives through:

  • Energy / Special Projects Construction Services
  • Energy Analysis
  • Maintenance Cost Analysis
  • Rebate and Incentive Program
  • Tax and Financing Programs


If you have questions regarding Just Service’s energy management services, our participation in the Focus on Energy program or would like to discuss making your project more environmentally friendly, please feel free to call us at (262) 886-2365 or contact us online.

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