By Tim DeGarmo
October 1, 2016

Tim DeGarmoNow is the time to perform your heating system maintenance!

We are quickly heading into the heating season and there are some things that need to be done to make sure that your heat operates properly when you need it most. We recommend that heating systems are thoroughly checked prior to the season’s first use.

Performing tasks such as changing filters, cleaning burners and checking gas pressure will help maintain efficient operation of your unit, saving you money on your utility bills.  It also helps in determining if there are parts that may need to be replaced to help prevent breakdowns during the heating season.

Checking the system’s safety devices provides peace of mind that the unit will shut down safely in the event of failure.  We also highly recommend having a qualified professional check for cracks or corrosion on the heat exchanging surfaces.  Any breach of this part of the system could allow the products of combustion (flue gasses, carbon monoxide, etc.) into the air stream and pose a health safety hazard.

Call the professionals at Just Service, Inc. to schedule your heating maintenance today. We can help ensure your winter months will be comfortable and trouble free.

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