By Tim DeGarmo
July 20, 2016

Wow it is hot outside!!! How is your HVAC system performing?

Tim DeGarmo

Summer is here, along with all the fun in the sun type activities that go along with it. Most people get so caught up in the all too short Wisconsin summer season with vacations and other enjoyable activities, that they forget there can be some very frightful heat just around the corner.

Mid-season maintenance is an important part of any overall preventive maintenance program. Yes, the system has been working properly, but is it working efficiently? Also, are there indicators a component is ready to fail after operating under strain? How well is the system performing given the toll the heat and humidity are taking on the equipment?

Summer heat extremes tax cooling equipment more than any other time of the year. It is very often too late to do anything with a poorly functioning air conditioning system once it is noticed that it is no longer working properly. When the mercury is at its highest is a bad time to find out your system is no longer functioning as it should. This is also the time that energy usage will skyrocket. Well maintained systems will not only survive the heat; they will perform as they should without using insane quantities of energy.

Call the professionals at Just Service Inc. to check your cooling equipment today. We can help ensure your system is performing at its peak, and will continue to do so for the rest of the summer season.


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