By Tim DeGarmo
January 5, 2017

Maintaining Your Heating System During WinterTim DeGarmo

In the middle of the heating season, most people disregard common warning signs that there may be a problem with their system. Comments like “Oh, that smell is just the heat coming on,” are all too common and can lead to issues requiring extensive repairs as opposed to simple fixes.

Mid-season maintenance is an important part of any overall preventive maintenance program. Yes, the system has been working properly, but is it working efficiently? Also, are there indicators a component is ready to fail after operating under strain? How well is the system performing given the toll the snow and ice are taking on the equipment?

Winter weather is hard on heating equipment. A check of operation during the cold and dreary months of winter allows a technician to see how well your system performs under load. Just because a unit works, does not necessarily mean it is working WELL.

Call the professionals at Just Service Inc. to check your heating equipment today. We can help ensure your system is performing the way it should, and will continue to do so for the rest of the season.



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